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Spatial View

3DeeCentralThe Spatial View® iPhone app 3DeeCentral™ underwent several upgrades we were happy to work on. The ability to browse and view YouTube videos was chief among these. The user interface for flipping the view ensures users aren’t confused about when they are viewing a web page and when they are playing a movie.

Re-branding the core functionality of 3DeeCentral was another major task, with the end result being the View-Master® app now available in Apple’s App Store.

3DeeCentral provides access to 3D videos and image collections from 12 different genres, and new content added regularly. 3DeeCentral is the leading content delivery platform for free and paid-for 3D content.

Special features included with 3DeeCentral for all black iPhone 4/4S users:

  • YouTube – Get access to watch all 3D YouTube videos on your iPhone 4/4S using 3DeeCentral’s video player
  • View User Generated Content – Upload your own 3D content 3DeeCentral through iTunes File Sharing or take cool 3D pictures with the 3D Camera function and view your creations on 3DeeCentral

To experience a glasses-free 3D experience, go to to order Spatial View’s 3DeeSlide. This elegantly-designed accessory with a high-quality lens, when used together with 3DeeCentral, will turn your Black iPhone 4/4S into a glasses-free 3D entertainment center. Alternatively, you can view 3DeeCentral’s content with Red-Cyan anaglyph 3D glasses.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S only.

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