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1144 Agreement

The delivery activity in the form refers to the organization that provides the services. The receiving activity is the organization that provides funds and receives the product or service. The instructions for completing Form DD 1144 are as follows: The latest version of the form – often confused with Form DA 1144, Request for Dossier/Index Check – was published by the Department of Defense (DoD) on November 1, 2001. An up-to-date version of Form DD 1144 can be downloaded and digitally filed below or can be found on the Executive Services Branch website. Form DD 1144, Support Agreement, is a contract that is filed when a recurring or non-quantifiable form of support is required over a period of time. DD 1144 is a non-binding agreement that outlines service support expectations and is not a funding document. Support agreements should be reviewed annually and updated as necessary. All agreements must be coordinated with the appropriate program, legal department or auditor. This basic control technique demonstrates and documents the accuracy and legality of the agreement.


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