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Breaking Data Corp releases “Breaking Sports!”


Tnir Technologies helped Breaking Data Inc (formerly Sprylogics Corp) to develop and update the mobile sports app “Breaking Sports”, which is available now on the app Store.

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Sprylogics and Keek work together

As part of a technology agreement between Sprylogics and Keek, Tnir Technologies helped bring the software architecture of their Keek iOS app up-to-date.

A Keek is a short video (up to 36 seconds) and 111 characters of accompanying text that can be enabled thru the web, IOS, Android and Windows 8 mobile platforms.  Users can interact on Keek directly with other users through “keekbacks”, the platform’s unique ability to respond to a keek (short video) with a keek.

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Sprylogics acquires and updates Poynt


On Aug 1st 2013, Sprylogics finalized its acquisition of Poynt and together with Tnir Technologies worked to release an updated version of the Poynt app to the App Store by Sep 7th.

Poynt is an award-winning local search app that lets you find and connect with businesses, movies, restaurants, people, offers and events near you whenever and wherever you need them. Poynt allows you to interact with your search through placing calls to businesses, mapping directions, viewing showtimes and movie trailers or reserving a table at a local restaurant.

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Sprylogics publishes 2ya for Facebook Chat – Search, Discover and Share

2yaTnir technologies worked hard with Sprylogics to publish version 1.1 of the  “2ya” app in November 2012. Work continued through 5 more releases, the latest in May 2013.

2ya is the only Facebook messaging app that makes it easy to:

  • Discover, share and discuss movies, restaurants, Youtube videos, pictures and a ton of other things
  • View and share trailers and movie reviews
  • Make reservations and order movie tickets
  • “Swipe to Share” anything you find to your friends
  • Search for things close to you, your friends, or points in between
  • Take a picture with the camera, pick from your gallery, apply cool filters and share

All without leaving the conversation.

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Arcestra publishes “Tourbook” 1.0.1 to the App Store

Icon144_finalArcestra Inc has published a new version of their iPad solution to finding the best commercial real estate, “Tourbook”. We were happy to be a part of producing such a sophisticated application, bringing next-generation tools to bear in a well-established and time-honoured industry.

The free Arcestra Tourbook app provides you with a mobile interactive 3D building experience for the marketing and leasing of commercial real estate. Tourbook integrates seamlessly with building information stored on the Arcestra platform to deliver compelling and interactive 3D, images, and videos to tenants on the go.

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Spatial View

3DeeCentralThe Spatial View® iPhone app 3DeeCentralâ„¢ underwent several upgrades we were happy to work on. The ability to browse and view YouTube videos was chief among these. The user interface for flipping the view ensures users aren’t confused about when they are viewing a web page and when they are playing a movie.

Re-branding the core functionality of 3DeeCentral was another major task, with the end result being the View-Master® app now available in Apple’s App Store.

3DeeCentral provides access to 3D videos and image collections from 12 different genres, and new content added regularly. 3DeeCentral is the leading content delivery platform for free and paid-for 3D content.

Special features included with 3DeeCentral for all black iPhone 4/4S users:

  • YouTube – Get access to watch all 3D YouTube videos on your iPhone 4/4S using 3DeeCentral’s video player
  • View User Generated Content – Upload your own 3D content 3DeeCentral through iTunes File Sharing or take cool 3D pictures with the 3D Camera function and view your creations on 3DeeCentral

To experience a glasses-free 3D experience, go to to order Spatial View’s 3DeeSlide. This elegantly-designed accessory with a high-quality lens, when used together with 3DeeCentral, will turn your Black iPhone 4/4S into a glasses-free 3D entertainment center. Alternatively, you can view 3DeeCentral’s content with Red-Cyan anaglyph 3D glasses.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S only.

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Welcome to

We here at Tnir Technologies are happy to have a new web site up and running. Currently we are trying out WordPress 3. Although friends of ours have had security problems with WordPress in the past, we think that having upgraded a major version number, and having auto-updating enabled will make WordPress a good bet.

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